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OROAFRICA is driven by vision and passion. As a team, we live and work by a simple truth - without exceptionally satisfied customers we would not exist. Our comprehensive offering extends from the design and development of fine jewellery, through to the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution thereof.

With a history dating as far back as 1945, our years of experience have not only solidified our expertise and our ability to satisfy the marketplace, but have also allowed us to expand our offering to other parts of the globe. We have a solutions driven approach and have grown to become South Africa’s leading jewellery company, adding value to customers on every continent, from the USA to China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our head office is located in a 3600m² building in Cape Town, with a distribution centre that’s powered by Navision. Apart from this, we also have prestigious offices in Johannesburg and New York.

We believe in strong relationships and that we can accomplish so much more with strong partners. We have a commitment to conducting business with integrity, have excellent corporate governance and a passion for our industry. All of this resulted in AngloGold Ashanti, the world’s largest gold mining company, acquiring 37% of ours. Apart from this, FILK SPA, the leading Italian gold chain manufacturer, owns 7% of our company.

Along with our growth, we constantly and consistently endeavour to succeed in our drive on service delivery. We strive to be acknowledged by our customers and the industry as the most rewarding, profitable, professional and customer-centric jewellery manufacturer worldwide.

We believe in our people, they are the essential element to our success and have a sincere love for what they do. Our company is about providing solutions to our customers and this revolves around design, manufacture and development. Overall, this means that OROAFRICA is more than just producer of excellent jewellery. We are your dedicated partner in success.

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