About Us

OROAFRICA was founded in Johannesburg in 1945 as a small family business, manufacturing and wholesaling jewellery. OROAFRICA is built on a strong set of values, respect, trust and integrity characterise our interactions both internally and externally. We never compromise these principles and they are the foundations upon which our phenomenal growth and success has occurred.

OROAFRICA head office is located in the “mother city”, Cape Town South Africa. It is here where the state of the art Design Lab takes product innovation to new levels. Our distribution centre, powered by a Microsoft ERP system ensures customers across the globe receive their orders large or small on time. 

Our mission is to ensure our customers are successful. Our success is determined by our people. As South Africa’s leading jewellery company, we recruit and train talented people, constantly improving in our ability to provide solutions that add value to our customers.

In achieving our mission, we realise we are not in this world alone. The ultimate measure of our success will not only be the impact we make on our customers and our staff, but on the lives of people and communities around us. This ongoing commitment is driven by our desire to make a difference.