Our Services

OROAFRICA is one of South Africa’s most prestigious, highly skilled and cutting-edge jewellery design, manufacture, and wholesale and distribution companies with a worldwide presence.

When it comes to design, we are a one of a kind facility that specialises in prototyping and sampling, as well as engraving and cutting. Our international reach, originality and commitment to our customers’ satisfaction are what keep us at the top of our industry in terms of manufacturing.

With wholesale and distribution, we work to maximise business opportunities, meet customer expectations and deliver to almost any place in the world. Moreover, through e-commerce, call centres and our elaborate in-stock inventory list, our products and services are easily accessible.

We share the commitment to eco-friendly practice and the preservation of natural resources for future generations and our responsibility does not end there. We work toward social and community development by donating a portion of revenue generated from the sourcing of gold. This includes, and is not restricted to, various nature reserves, medical care, health, education and employment opportunities.

Our core values are based on integrity, technological advancement and customer satisfaction. Each of these principles work together to create a product that is timeless and lasting. With a combination of extensive research, knowledge and driven passion, we strive to maintain a dynamic business that puts the quality of our products and the happiness of our customers first.

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