Wholesale and Distribution

“We are never complacent. We’re always looking for new, better ways of doing things to give ourselves and our customers a competitive edge.” – Gary Nathan (MD)

The success of OROAFRICA is inextricably linked to the success of our customers.

As a wholesaler and distributor of gold and diamond jewellery to independent retailers and national chain stores, we pride ourselves on providing solutions to our customers’ business requirements. Our printed catalogue, together with our website, enable our customers to access our large in-stock inventory list.

To offer our customers the utmost convenience, we make use of non-traditional channels through e-commerce, and provide support with a dedicated call centre. Both our attitude and our infrastructure are built around helping our customers maximise their business opportunities. We deliver small and large orders to almost any address in the world, and in-stock merchandise is dispatched within 48 hours.

OROAFRICA operates with integrity as a core value. Our team love what they do and they’re exceptionally good at it. We are confident in our value and our extensive knowledge of the industry, which we use to add value to our customers’ businesses and offer them the best possible service.

In an accelerated, technologically-driven world, change is inevitable - there are few things that last. Ironically, we embrace this technology and use it to help our customers to sell the one thing that does last from one generation to the next - jewellery.